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Doing your tree tasks on your own might be difficult, especially if you do not have the proper knowledge and equipment to use for a specific procedure to tackle any type of tree and its size. It is advisable for anyone to rely on professional arborists to do this job and for you to relax and enjoy the professional service we offer. Our services cover a wide range of options, ranging from tree care to excavation.

Our skilled arborists are well-equipped to address any tree-related issues you may encounter, and we’re just a phone call away to assist you with your problems with your trees. Rest assured, all services rendered will be carried out by qualified professionals, utilizing appropriate tools and techniques to ensure your safety and convenience both now and in the future.

At Tree Services Sunshine Coast, we’re dedicated to providing top-notch tree care services to the residents and businesses of the Sunshine Coast area. With years of experience and a passion for arboriculture, our team of professionals is committed to enhancing the health, beauty, and safety of your trees.

Our Services

Tree Services Sunshine Coast

A wide range of tree services is offered by Tree Services Sunshine Coast, personalized to deal with various tree care needs of a specific type of tree you have. Whatever your situation, we stand ready to provide the appropriate tree services to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.
Tree Removals

A tree may interrupt your everyday routine by hindering sunlight from passing through it, also it can occupy some of your space, or it can have pests that damage the structural integrity of your trees. We have certified experts available to address these issues through various tree removal methods personalized to your preferences.

Our licensed professionals offer tree excavation, stump removal and grinding, and full land-clearing services to accommodate your needs.

Tree Pruning

When you leave your trees to grow without checking them regularly, soon it can lead to some issues, highlighting the importance of using our tree pruning services to ensure proper growth within its surroundings. Our services cover shaping, branch and stem removal, and trimming to maintain its natural form while prioritizing safety.

Our skilled professionals offer tree lopping, canopy reduction, and tree crowning services to address your needs.

Tree Care
Sometimes you might see the signs of your trees slowly looking like it is dying, dirty, or even having pests that can lead to spreading it to nearby trees. At Tree Services Sunshine Coast, our services like tree care cover revitalizing older damaged trees, cleansing those blemished by years of abandonment, and eliminating pests that have damaged your trees. While our primary focus is on tree surgery, cleaning, and removal services, our expertise extends beyond these areas.
Stump Grinding and Removal
If you’re dealing with an unwanted stump, our tree stump removal service is available to help you eliminate it. We offer stump grinding, which involves grinding down a substantial portion of the stump to expedite natural decomposition or complete removal, depending on your preference. Each method offers unique benefits, and we’re here to explain them in detail and provide the service that best fits your needs.

Additional Tree Services

Don’t hesitate to choose any of the following additional services that we have in store for you, in case you have a tree branching almost to your neighbour’s wall. Our dedicated team of professional experts ensures they quickly attend to you, preserving existing trees or recovering some lost due to someone else’s carelessness. Just let us know anytime you need additional services, and assistance shall be dispatched to the location provided within no time. The additional services rendered, including but not limited to, are as follows:

About Tree Services Sunshine Coast

Since 2021, Sunshine Coast Tree Services has become known for outstanding tree-related services. Our team of arborists has extensive training and certification, making us the best individuals to handle your tree-related problems. In other words, we deliver unparalleled maintenance and management service. In addition, our customers receive a service quality guarantee that offers assurances of a second chance service and maintenance. At Sunshine Coast Tree Services, we never let you down, and we work effortlessly to consistently be above your expectations. Here is what we can offer:

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Jeniffer S.
I love doing my workouts and meditations in my backyard. We recently had a tree situation there and called up Tree Services for assistance. They were quick to respond, and soon enough I was out in the backyard doing yoga again!
Kevin D.
I didn’t think it would be this easy to get a hold of an expert arborist near me. These guys are very responsive and just get things done. Highly-recommended!
Martin K.
My wife and I cannot be bothered with tree pruning anymore due to our age and failing backs. Glad we have Tree Services Sunshine Coast to rely on for that. Keep up the good work!

Why Choose Tree Services Sunshine Coast?

As the leading tree service provider in Sunshine Coast, we are proud to say our commitment to preserving the natural beauty of our environment while ensuring the safety and well-being of our clients and their properties.
Expertise and Experience
Our tree specialists have an understanding of tree biology, pruning methods, and pest control strategies, coupled with years of hands-on experience. This equips them to address any tree-related issues, with precision and professionalism.
Comprehensive Services
To fulfill all your tree care needs Tree Services Sunshine Coast offers an array of services. We have the expertise and equipment required to handle tasks of any magnitude or complexity, from tree removal and stump grinding to tree trimming and pruning.
Environmental Responsibility
In our tree care procedures, we apply eco-friendly methods and supplies, such as mulch produced from recycled tree debris, biopesticides, and organic fertilizers. We can contribute to preserving our environment’s natural beauty for future generations by implementing sustainable practices.
High-end Equipment
At Tree Services Sunshine Coast we invest heavily in cutting-edge machinery and technology to ensure the efficient and eco-delivery of our services.
Customer Satisfaction
At Tree Services Sunshine Coast, we put our clients’ needs first. We take great satisfaction in exceeding our client’s expectations with our remarkable results and personalized service.
High Standards
Sunshine Coast Tree Services aims to meet your satisfaction and will provide its services following all the necessary procedures for the best outcome to provide you with safety and convenience.

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Our emergency services are available 24/7. If you want to contact us, you may do so through the following:

Sunshine Coast, QLD

Phone: 07 5230 7521

Email: info@sunshinecoasttreeservicespros.com

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our company is fully insured, providing coverage for any property damage or injuries that may happen during the provision of our tree services. We take full responsibility for any issues arising during our services and take numerous precautions to prevent problems during and after the service.

Your presence is not required as long as our tree service crew has access to the work location. We ensure all necessary provisions are prepared in advance. Many clients find it convenient to have us work even when they’re away, enjoying the surprise of returning to see the results.

Typically, with our tree removal services, we retain the remains for recycling purposes. However, if you prefer to keep them or have them processed, such as mulching, we can accommodate your request, either during the initial quote or upon discussion.

Our experienced arborists are adept at preserving sick or damaged trees, employing their expertise and years of experience to revive ailing trees. Our crew is briefed on the necessary procedures to ensure your tree regains its natural vitality through proper treatment. 

Tree pruning becomes crucial when a tree is in decline or has deceased branches. Our pruning services can salvage a tree from further deterioration, addressing decay and restoring its health.
The Sunshine Coast Council mandates permits for vegetation removal, including trees on private land. You’ll need to obtain a permit, and we’re happy to assist you in the application process.
Certainly, we can guide you through the permit application process, even submitting it on your behalf if necessary. Council fees apply, along with an administration fee for form completion.

Any leftover debris from our tree pruning or tree removal services can be retained for your use or recycling. Alternatively, we can dispose of them responsibly to ensure a clean area post-service.

Our crew ensures the area is left in a better condition than when they arrived. Any remaining tree debris will be thoroughly cleaned up before they leave.

Typically, we send a team of up to three professionals, including a climber and two ground members. For larger projects, additional personnel may be dispatched as needed. 

We’re equipped to handle all types and sizes of trees, thanks to our knowledgeable arborists and comprehensive equipment. We also offer special lawn care services if it’s required to be included in the package.

If damage occurs to the serviced location, we take full responsibility for repairs at our expense. However, if no services were carried out, you’ll be responsible for any damages.
Yes, we offer complimentary quotes, and you can request one through our website. Our team can also provide advice to ensure your needs are met effectively.
For safety reasons, we may need to restrict access to certain areas during work. However, we’ll communicate this beforehand and ensure any necessary areas remain accessible.
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